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CustomsIn 2007, the Customs Agency conducted a thorough CUSTOMS AUDIT on the company, at the end of which the company was declared reliable.Authorized ExporterIn 2009, Cofra was granted AUTHORIZED EXPORTER STATUS by the Customs Agency with authorization no. IT/001/BA/09.
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) StatusIn 2010, following further inspections, Customs Authorities granted Cofra the EUROPEAN AUTHORIZED ECONOMIC OPERATOR (A.E.O.) STATUS, with certificate no. IT AEOC 10 0339.
Cribis Prime Company - Maximum Commercial Reliability RecognitionOn July 13, 2022, CRIBIS D&B, a world leader in the business information sector with over 168 years of experience, awarded COFRA S.r.l. the CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY - Maximum Commercial Reliability Recognition. CRIBIS prime companies, the businesses to which CRIBIS awards the highest level of reliability in terms of commercial relationships, represent 7% of the total number of Italian companies. This recognition is of fundamental importance for companies operating in the international market. It attests to the company's strength and the value of its strategic choices, providing a guarantee for all stakeholders who have chosen and will choose COFRA as a business partner.