Technologies and materials


THINSULATE™, 600 g/m2 and 200 g/m2, lining, suggested for very cold environments or activities with low body heat generation. 88% polypropylene, 12% polyester.




GORE-TEX membrane is made of 217 million pores per in2 granting waterproofness and high breathability. GORE-TEX membrane protects against bacteria and resists high temperatures.




Highly insulating barrier made of aluminised felt, 100% polyester. The thin felt fibres hold the air, superb insulator. The micropore aluminium layer rejects the infrared rays of the body warmth towards the source of warmth, the foot, thus keeping it warm whilst allowing breathability.




100% polyester fabric, three-dimensional, breathable, it absorbs and releases the moisture, abrasion resistant.




TECHSHELL, sturdy, water repellent and breathable. It is made of yarns having a very high level of abrasion resistance. The yarns are directly woven in the fabric to grant high tenacity and high performances as regards rubbing resistance. 


Tensile strength > 60 N 250
Abrasion resistance > 600.000 cycles



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Washable and highly resistant: its technical features are superior to those of natural leather
- 50% polyester, 50% polyurethane.
- The structure of ECOLORICA®, resulting from the most advanced research on microfibres, reproduces closely the structure of animal leather, keeping intact the aesthetic and tactile
features, and guarantees the efficiency of materials of the latest generation.
- ECOLORICA® is flexible, resistant to rips and abrasions, tears and scratches.
- ECOLORICA® breathability and vapour-permeability always assure maximum comfort.
- It is well resistant to chemical agents.
- Easy to clean, up to 104 °F, with neutral soap and water, ECOLORICA® keeps intact its aesthetic and tactile features.






Highly performing fabric, 100% polyamide, it provides durability and excellent resistance to tears and punctures. Its durability is 2-7 times higher than nylon, polyester and cotton. Light, easy to maintain and quick to dry.




Minifibre 100% polyester, polyurethane layered, it maintains its features through time.




CUT PROTECT High tenacity protective material, 100% polyester, it releases fibres which promptly arrest the pronged chain of the saw. High performance with less weight and volume, therefore better ergonomics, higher foot sensitivity, lower fatigue, higher comfort and lower risk of accident.








NON MAGNETIC // 25% REDUCTION OF THE TOE THICKNESS compared to the composite toe caps on the market // THERMAL INSULATING // LIGHTER, 45% weight reduction, only 1.76 oz compared with 3.17 oz of the medium weight of a steel toe cap // ELASTIC EFFECT In case of crushing, the toe cap will recover its original shape making it easier to remove the foot.




Excellent MECHANICAL PROPERTIES of resistance to impulsive and static loads // NON MAGNETIC // REDUCED TOE CAP THICKNESS // THERMAL INSULATING // LIGHTER, only 2.12 oz compared to 3.17 oz of a steel toe cap.




LIGHT weight reduction of 40% compared to steel.









Certified in compliance with the new standard EN ISO 22568-4:2021, it grants a maximum resistance to perforation which considerably exceeds 11O kg (1.100 N) required by the standard.
FLEXIBLE // LIGHTER and more comfortable than traditional steel plate // HIGHER THERMAL INSULATION compared to steel // 100% surface protected by the puncture resistant plate used as an insole.



FLEXIBLE // LIGHTER and more comfortable than traditional steel plate 
// HIGHER THERMAL INSULATION compared to steel // 100% surface 
protected by the puncture resistant plate used as an insole.